Boys & Girls Harbor

  What is Boys and Girls Harbor?

  Licensed by the State of Texas Department of Human Services,
  Boys and Girls Harbor is a charitable, long-term care facility for
  abused, abandoned, and neglected children ages five through eighteen

When was Boys and Girls Harbor Founded?
The Harbor was founded in 1947 by the   Downtown Optimist Club of Houston
to provide love, hope and security to young lives.

Who does the Harbor serve?

Children referred to the Harbor primarily come from Harris and surrounding counties. Children are
referred by their parents, churches, the courts, the Texas Department of Human Services, friends
and other family members. Boys and Girls Harbor considers children without discrimination based
on race, creed, religious affliation or financial statu

How long do our children stay at the Harbor?

Often a boy or girl may need to live at the Harbor only until certain situations can be resolved at home.
In many cases, however, the prognosis is for long-term residential care, perhaps even throughout the
remainder of their childhood.

In addition to shelter, food and counseling,
What does the Harbor offer these children?

The Harbor offers an after school tutoring program, a farm program, a sports program, and a college
scholarship program.

Where does the Harbor get its financial support?

Boys and Girls Harbor is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization solely relaint on the generosity of
corporations, foundations, and individuals. The Harbor does not receive any Federal or United Way funding.

How can I help?

Your involvement in the lives of our children is needed and greatly appreciated. The greatest need,
however, is ongoing Financial Support for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, therapy, and staffing.

Are there needs other than financial?

Through our volunteer group and in-take counselor, you may participate in a variety of programs set up to enhance the lives of our children. You may want to consider becoming a weekend sponsor, a tutor, or possibly a participant in one of our events.

Boys and Girls Harbor is located on a beautiful 200 acre lot, amidst a pecan orchard, across from Galveston Bay. On campus there is an agricultural facility and recreational facility (which includes a complete gymnasium and a softball field). In addition, a computer learning center for on site scholastic tutoring is also available. Visitors are more than welcome to experience the positive lifestyle at Boys and Girls Harbor.


Boys and Girls Harbor

Development Office:  2640 Fountainview #238   Houston, Texas  77057    281-783-8717     281-783-5126
Campus:  514 Bayridge Rd.   P.O. Box 1235   La Porte, Tx  77572-1235  281-471-9622     281-471-4396


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