History Of  The Yellow Rose Of  Texas  

On April 18, 1836, Emily, a former slave of the Morgan's Point Plantation owner Colonel James Morgan, is helping to load a flatboat when Santa Anna's army rides up. Emily, a comely young woman, is made a personal servant of Santa Anna. Bollaert, the British ethnologist who said that Emily was with Santa Anna at the start of the battle, got his story during a visit he paid to Emily's master, James Morgan, at New Washington.  Bollaert's information indicated that the Battle of  San  Jacinto  was probably lost by the Mexicans owing to the influence of a mulatto girl, Emily, belonging to Colonel  James  Morgan.  She was closeted in the tent at 4:30 pm, April 21, 1836, with General Santanna at the time the cry was made: "The enemy! They come! They come!" She detained Santanna so long that order could not be restored readily again.

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